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Structural Engineering

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Structural Engineers work in demanding conditions to provide the world with amazing structures. A career in Structural Engineering is never dull, it can take you all over the world and provides an opportunity for you to shape the future and improve the lives of millions of people.

At Bridgewater Consultancy we work with leading global consultancies with core structural engineering sectors. If you are keen to take on new challenges, want to solve complex problems and can provide innovative solutions, our clients look forward to hearing from you.     

Structural Engineers play a key part in design and construction teams working alongside civil engineers, architects, and other construction professionals. Together they create all kinds of structures from commercial developments, theatres, sports stadia and hospitals to bridges and oil rigs.

Structural engineers must understand building loads/stresses and be able to produce designs and use materials to produce stunning structures. Structural engineers are charged with developing existing structures to ensure that they remain safe, fit for purpose and take into account environmental and sustainability issues that may have not been understood when the structure were first designed.

Additionally structural engineers must develop management skills to lead engineering projects and work within commercial, legal, environmental and health and safety requirements.

Job Duties in Structural Engineering
To gain employment as a structural engineer you require a BEng in civil or structural engineering, an MEng/MSc in a related subject is an advantage.  Employers offer on-going training to allow progression to chartership though the IStructE scheme, this requires excellent skills in mathematics and IT, the ability to solve problems, the ability to explain design plans and ideas, good Project management skills, good time management and the ability to meet deadlines, excellent communication skills, the ability to manage and budget, excellent team working and people skills, knowledge of construction methods, health and safety, and legal regulations.

As a structural engineer your work would involve;

  • Working closely with clients, architects, contractors and other professionals on construction plans.
  • Developing design ideas, using computer aided design (CAD).
  • Investigating the properties of materials like glass, steel, and concrete, and advising on which materials are most suitable for the job.
  • Working out the loads and stresses on different parts of a structure such as the foundations, beams, arches, walls.
  • Using computer simulations to predict how structures will react under different conditions, e.g. high winds or earthquakes.
  • Inspecting unsafe buildings and providing recommendations for repairs or demolition.
  • Managing projects to meet budgets, timescales, legal guidelines, environmental directives and health and safety requirements.
  • Preparing bids for tenders
  • Supervising project teams and providing clients and senior managers with progress reports.

Your typical working week will be up to 40 hours per week, Monday to Friday with a combination of desk based duties in the office and site visits. As structural engineering is a global profession and there may be the opportunity for you to work on projects around the world.

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