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Geo-Environmental Engineering

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Geo-environmental Engineering is a growing and exciting field, it offers numerous technical challenges, opportunities to understand complex problems and the chance to develop solutions that protect public health and the environment and encourage sustainable development. At Bridgewater Consultancy we work with major consultancies with leading teams in the field of Geo-environmental engineering, if you would like a challenge and are good at problem solving our clients want to hear from you.

Geo-environmental engineering is a forward looking discipline within civil engineering, engineers undertake the protection of uncontaminated subsurfaces that have been contaminated from industrial chemical spills, leaking waste containment facilities, leaking above-ground and underground storage tanks.  

Geo-environmental engineers are involved in a wide range of activities, including contaminated land management, water management, geochemical analysis, groundwater and surface water contamination, environmental assessment and environmental risk assessment. Geo-environmental engineers frequently work on projects such as design of a sustainable remediation, phase 1 and phase 2 site investigation reports and providing an environmental assessment as part of the report for this development in multidisciplinary teams.

Job Duties of a Geo-Environmental Engineer
To become a geo-environmental engineer generally requires a degree in geology with an MSc in environmental science, or a BEng in geo-environmental engineering with an MSc in engineering geology, geotechnical engineering, soil or rock mechanics. Other relevant degree subjects include earth, physical, mathematical and applied sciences and engineering. 

As a Geo-environmental Engineer your duties would include supervising site and ground investigations and supervising remediation works, mining investigations and drilling and grouting works; design and specification of mine shaft capping. You will be writing factual and interpretive reports, remediation specifications and completion statements. You will be liaising with regulatory bodies about sites including petrol filling stations, former gasworks, steelworks, chemical works, commercial, industrial and residential sites. You will also be responsible for the supervision and management of junior staff, preparation of quotations and preparing mining case studies.

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