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Bridge Engineering

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Do you have good teamwork skills, excellent communication skills and are able to work on own initiative with minimal supervision? If you do, you are exactly the type of candidate our multi-national consultancies with specialist departments in Bridge Engineering are seeking for their expanding offices in the UK and overseas.

Bridge Engineers plan, design and construct bridges to cross rivers, valleys, roads etc. for vehicles and the public to cross. They are civil engineers who specialize in bridge design and construction. Some design new bridges and others inspect and plan to develop older ones. Bridge engineers are employed by construction and highway construction companies, design and consulting firms.

Bridge engineering is a challenging environment and engineers are required to be innovative and logical individuals. Other essential attributes required of bridge engineers include creativity, versatility, a problem solving mind, and the ability to understand the bigger picture and collaborate with a number of other professionals.

Job Duties of a Bridge Engineer
A minimum of a bachelor's degree is required to become a bridge engineer. Civil engineering or structural engineering are the most common degrees. Strong mathematical skills are important, as are good communication skills which are helpful in working with clients, construction crews and others. After gaining a qualification, the next step is to become professionally qualified as a chartered engineer (C-Eng)  incorporated engineer(I-Eng) or engineering technician (EngTech). This will involve a period working in the industry to build experience, followed by a professional review.

A bridge engineer builds a variety of bridges, including cable, truss, arch and suspension bridges. They would prepare plans, specifications and cost estimates. Then they will analyse calculations to ensure that the structure can stand up to the weight it will bear.

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